Where our horses in Vietri ceramic jewels are born

Where our horses in Vietri ceramic jewels are born

Where our horses in Vietri ceramic jewels are born

Where our horses in ceramic jewels are born? Exclusively in Vietri sul Mare, one of the most beautiful and important towns of the Amalfi Coast, famous all over the world for its ceramics.

Where our horses in Vietri ceramic jewels are born

Some of our horses in ceramic jewels

The ceramics of Vietri

Before introducing you to our horses in ceramic jewelry, let’s get to know the Vietri ceramics to understand the great and important history of this millenary tradition because all the colors of the Amalfi Coast seem to meet in Vietri, in the glazes and decorations of the ceramics produced since 1600.

Creative synthesis, immediacy of image, colors that come together by contrast and not by nuanced overlap are the characters that distinguish the Ceramics of Vietri.

Horses in ceramic jewerly Marina

The first news of a flourishing activity linked to the production of ceramics dates back to the XIV Century but certain documentation of the Ceramiche di Vietri industry was only found in the sixteenth century with the production of dishes and containers for storing water, bowls and small jars for storing spices and drugs.

Horses in ceramic jewerly Vasi

The qualitative leap was in the seventeenth century when the Ceramiche of Vietri were enriched with artistic forms and decorations that led to the creation of objects related to religious worship such as domestic holy water fonts, majolica tiles with a religious subject, panels and votive shrines still scattered in the alleys in the area.

Vietri ceramics and art

Starting from the 1920s of the 20th century, the great quality of the Ceramiche of Vietri attracted world-renowned artists and craftsmen (Irene Kowaliska, Riccardo Dolker, Giovannino Carrano and others) who made Vietri one of the recognized world capitals of the production of art.

Today the Vietri ceramic workshops are a show within a show.

Horses in ceramic jewerly Shop

The narrow streets of Vietri are full of small shops and craft shops where the art of ceramics reaches truly unique levels, both in terms of shapes and colors.

Where our horses in Vietri ceramic jewels are born

In this extraordinary and unique world of art, craftsmanship and colors our jewels are born that our Italian ceramic artist, daughter of art and graduated Master of Art, creates in her characteristic laboratory following the criteria of the ancient art of ceramics Vietri.

Our horses in ceramic jewelry. How they are born

Where our horses in Vietri ceramic jewels are born? From an idea, from a draw that our artist transforms into jewelry.

Where our horses in Vietri ceramic jewels are born

All his work is done by hand and begins with a small amount of selected white clay which is molded to the desired shape.

After a long process of work and craftsmanship, each jewel is hand painted with extreme care and rare craftsmanship.

Where our horses in Vietri ceramic jewels are born Paint

When the jewel is finished it is baked in a specific ceramic oven that reaches very high temperatures, around 1000 ° and, once cooled, the jewel is ready for our client who will wear it.

Our horses in ceramic jewelry. Here they are finished

Now our jewels, a set consisting of a necklace and two earrings dedicated to horses, are finished. Here they are next to the original drawing.

Where our horses in Vietri ceramic jewels are born

Where our horses in Vietri ceramic jewels are born

Since the processing of each jewel is handmade, the shape and decoration vary, albeit slightly, from the published images, making each of our jewels unique in the world.

A real small, large and precious work of art to wear that only you will have.

Jewerly Collection

Where our horses in Vietri ceramic jewels are born. Important

Now that you know where our horses in ceramic jewels are born, buy them here and, being handmade, each jewel takes 7 to 12 working days to be ready before being shipped to your address in complete safety, protected from shocks that could damage it and without shipping costs.

Our horses in ceramic jewelry are here. For you

Visit our collection and choose the model you prefer: it is made following the ancient art of Vietri ceramics and if the jewel you will receive at home will be slightly different from the images you saw in our online shop, it is the proof that it was made in hand, just for you and do not forget the Premium Services reserved for our Customers that you will have by purchasing one of our jewels.

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