The Great Ribot

The Great Ribot

The Great Ribot, probably the best horse of Italian horse racing

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The Great Ribot was born …

Ribot was born in England, in Newmarket, in 1952, by Tenerani and Romanella, he was bred by Federico Tesio and his interpreter throughout his career was the jockey Enrico Camici.

A curiosity

For us this great champion is also important because we entered the world of horses by organizing the Memorial Ribot event.
We were fascinated by this wonderful world and we have never left it.
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The Great Ribot Press Conference

Press Conference Memorial Ribot 

The History of the Great Ribot but now let’s talk briefly about us

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The Great Ribot DeTriomphe

The Great Ribot owes its fame …

Ribot owes its fame to his unbeaten career, with sixteen consecutive victories in the most important European Grand Prix races, including two Arc de Triomphe and an edition of the King George and Queen Elizabeth Stakes.
A stunted two-year victory over a too short distance and then off in the towards all the subsequent prestigious goals.

Ribot wins the Arc de Triomphe in 1956

He had the chest …

Ribot had an unbelievably large chest and they had to make him a strap that was twenty centimeters longer than usual.

Camici, his faithful jockey, used to say that “his shoulders are perfectly sloping and in jumps from gallop he doubles: he becomes an ocelot”

The Great Ribot and Camici

The Great Ribot and Camici

There are many anecdotes about the big horse.

Here are some of them: in the Grand Criterium he preceded Gail, of the Razza del Soldo, with a head and Camici, his jockey, justified himself as follows: “It was my fault, I tried to stall to spare him but Ribot wants to go: he can’t stand it. The procrastination can not stand it either in running or exercising “”

One morning Ribot performs in front of his gregarious, the horse Magistris, in an acrobatic joy, getting a stretch on the left front. The meek and good Magistris disapproves of him with his eyes.


The Great Ribot (left) and Magistris

He has always rebelled against exibition

Ribot rebelled against the exibition, hated them as farces (where are the opponents? He probably wondered) and at the exhibition at the Capannelle racecourse in Rome he pondered revenge. Camici slowed it down and Ribot dished it out on dropped the lawn!

The Great Ribot Emanuele Filiberto Prix

The Emanuele Filiberto Prize

In his last gallop …

In his last gallop, the Emanuele Filiberto Prize, Ribot humiliates Botticelli, the best horse in Italy.

Undefeated winner of 16 races, two Arc de Triomphe, and a King George edition.

He did not participate, due to lack of registrations and an accident, in the classics for the three years.

On only one occasion he won with a fractional margin (head on Gail in the Grand Criterium) by totaling 105 lengths, an average of over six and a half lengths per race

The Great Ribot leaves by plane for a race

The Great Ribot leaves by plane for a race.

The Great Ribot died on the night of April 30, 1972 in the Middle West, where he had been rented, and the role of “sultan” at the end of his career had made him even more curmudgeonly and grumpy and it was not possible to bring him back to Italy either by ship or by plane. how much no company would have ensured it also because the commander of a ship or an airplane, if it became dangerous, would have to shoot it down.

Farewell, champion!

After Ribot…

…after Ribot we invite you to read about the great Nearco. Enjoy the reading.



Here we end the Story of the Great Ribot told by Club Cavallo Italia but…

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