Pyrography Horses on Wooden Bracelets

Pyrographed Horses on Wooden Bracelets

Pyrography horses on wooden bracelets, on wooden bracelets, the best of Made in Italy dedicated to horses designed and created for those who, like us, love that extraordinary animal that is the horse
(but we don’t like to call it animal).

Elegant bracelets of a different elegance, an elegance without frills, clean, true handmade ecological works of art and, as the best Italian artisan tradition wants, only by Italian hands with an extraordinary attention to detail.

Pyrography horses on wooden bracelets. The pyrography

The term pyrography derives from the ancient Greek “writing with fire” and is an essential engraving technique through the use of a source of heat on materials such as wood, an ancient technique known to the Tuareg, to the ancient peoples of Central Europe and South America and which was also used during the Middle Ages.

Pyrography horses on wooden bracelets. Why wood

All the bracelets in our collection are made using only the precious lime wood.

Ecological and eco-sustainable, wood is the only material that only needs water, air and sun to grow, it is good for the environment because wood absorbs carbon dioxide and is biocompatible because it has the ability to be metabolized by living organisms without have no harmful effect on their vital functions helping to reduce pollution of the planet.

Pyrography horses on wooden bracelets. How they are born

All our bracelets are totally handmade in the lathe, as in the past, by a craftsman who has been making wooden objects since 1980 by choosing the best parts of the wood to obtain, through the grain, elegant and rare objects for their beauty.

He is one of the last craftsmen able to use the manual lathe and still keep an ancient art alive, perhaps destined to disappear.

To do this, it still uses the ancient tools of the past: gouges, chisels but, above all, the manual lathe.

The manual lathe

Pyrography Horses on Wooden Bracelets

Our artist draws on paper the horses that will be pyrographed on the wooden bracelets

Pyrography horses on wooden bracelets. Drawing

Once turned and smoothed our artist draws the horse and brings it back with carbon paper on the bracelet very lightly so as not to scratch the wood and to avoid furrows that would damage perfection.

Pyrography Horses drawing
Pyrography Horses on Wooden Bracelets

Pyrography horses on wooden bracelets. Pyrography

Once the drawing on the bracelet has been carried out, the actual decoration is carried out with the pyrograph, an instrument that combines art with wood.

Based on the draw our artist uses different tips: the sharp tip for the contours, the flat tip for the shades, the rounded tip to give more prominence to some parts …

The pyrography horses on a wooden bracelet requires many hours of processing also because the bracelet is rounded and the processing is very difficult.

It takes skill, patience and a lot of care because you can’t go wrong, everything must be done calmly and with the utmost concentration.

Once the decoration is finished, the bracelet is finished with a shiny impregnating agent.

The process is long but it guarantees that you have a unique object because, of course, handmade objects cannot be the same as another.

And here is one of the bracelets worn.

Pyrography Horses on Wooden Bracelets

Pyrography horses on wooden bracelets. Our collection

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