Our Murano glass horses for you

Our Murano Glass Horses

Our Murano glass horses for you who love horses

Club Horse was created to bring together people from all over the world who love horses as we do, special people who belong to a special world, the world of those who love this wonderful animal (but we don’t like to call it an animal).

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We have always been committed to offering our friends the best of Made in Italy dedicated to horses and what is more beautiful, more elegant, more precious than Murano glass, an Italian excellence that the whole world envies us , our Murano glass horses created for you by our glass masters who, with meticulous attention to detail, handcraft a small but great work of art, just for you.

Next to it an ancient view of the island of Murano, where our Murano glass horses are born for you and to know how our Murano glass horses are born for you, please read this page. Thank you.

An old image of Murano island

An ancient view of the island of Murano

There are few, very few objects that can be compared to one of our small but extraordinary glass works that will enrich your home or can be a gift that, we assure you, will never make you forget.

Now, if you want, we will accompany you in choosing your horse among our Murano glass horses for you in our collection, where you will find the horses we have selected for those who love horses, excuse the repetition of words, special people to which we want to offer special horses, chosen by us at Club Horse.

In our collection there are horses in two poses and in a range of proposals that will thrill you and it will be really difficult to choose.

Our Murano Glass Horses

Some horses from our collection

Our Murano Glass Horses

Horses from opaque black to transparent glass, from the horse all in gold to the horse in silver and gold, red, with or without bubbles and in Avventurina, a precious glass paste, a quartz that reflects the light, a particular type of glass invented in the 17th century century.

They are small chips randomly distributed in the glass (to adventure) that give splendid, unique, luminous reflections and transform the horse into a unique and extraordinary work of art.

Club Horse Shop Avventurina

The Avventurina 755 Murano Glass Horse

Now choose the horse you prefer among our Murano glass horses for you: they are created as we told you and if the horse you will receive at home, protected from shocks that could damage it and without shipping costs, will be slightly different from the images that you have seen in our online shop, it is not a defect but the proof that it was made especially for you and do not forget the Premium Services reserved for our customers.

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