Our History

Our History

Our History

Before telling you our story we want to introduce you to Club Horse.

Club Horse is the world that did not exist before, the world of those who love horses, people who have a particular sensitivity for all that is beauty, class, charm and elegance and they share their love for that wonderful animal that is the horse (but we don’t like to call it an animal).

Our history began in 2002 when we, marketing and communication professionals, are called to work for Memorial Ribot, an event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of Ribot, one of the greatest, perhaps the largest Italian thoroughbred horse.

An event that had great success in the two important locations chosen: the San Siro racecourse in Milan and the Capannelle racecourse in Rome.

For those unfamiliar with marketing and communication, it should be remembered that it is a job that introduces you to different realities that leave after completing the assignment to face the next one.

But after Memorial Ribot this is not the case.

Memorial Ribot introduced us to the unique, magical and elegant world of the horse and we have never abandoned it.

As soon as we entered this fascinating world, we studied it with our professional background and realized that there is no home for those who love horses and we created it with the Club Cavallo Italia brand.

Our history continues with the creation of events to introduce the magical world of the horse.

In 2003, we created Le Classiche Italiane the first Italian Gallop Championship which brings together the most important gallop races in the best racecourses in Italy under a single brand.

Our history continues with the creation in 2004 of Fashion and Horses where the elegance of horses is combined with the elegance of clothes designed by the best Italian fashion schools.

In 2005 Open Farms was born to make known, especially to the little ones, where the thoroughbred horse is born and lives when not racing in racetracks.

Unfortunately, in 2007 our history is interrupted for personal reasons that we do not want to tell.

Today our history continues alongside Club Cavallo Italia with Club Horse, an international brand, created to give a sense of belonging to people who love horses from all over the world.

Our history, the history of Club Horse, the world of those who love horses, resumes with even more enthusiasm with our online shop, which offers the best of Made in Italy dedicated to horses: bags, objects for your home and for your style, with our events, with news and curiosities about horses and their world and with other initiatives.

Now that you know our story we thank you for the time you spent with us and, if you love horses as we love them, sign up for our newsletter here and join the world of horse lovers too.

We are waiting for you and you come back often on our site. Your visit is always particularly welcome.

Here everything is dedicated to that wonderful animal that is the horse (but we don’t like to call it an animal)

You will read about the horse in objects, places, art, culture, traditions…

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