Open Farms


Open Farms

Guided tours to the best thoroughbred italian horse farms

Open Farms is an idea born within a large and ambitious project that aims to promote the horse, an idea that immediately met the great and enthusiastic collaboration and participation of the best thoroughbred horse farms throughout Italy.

Open Farms

Open Farms, an event, decidedly new and innovative in the sector, designed to transmit the values of the horse and bring the public closer to this splendid animal (but we don’t like to call it an animal), which has always been synonymous with sport, elegance, passion, nature, strength, history and tradition.

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In the Open Farms event, visitors are guided by the Head of the breed through in a thoroughbred horse farm and discover how and where a racehorse is born, the foals in the stables with their “mothers” … and all the great work needed to forge a champion, a full day trip in contact with nature, to discover the racehorse.

The thoroughbred horse is synonymous with elegance, history, tradition.
It is admired for its natural class and living its world is a fascinating story and to this magnificent animal (but we, you know, don’t like to call it an animal) we have dedicated our limited edition watch, finished in rose gold and numbered. on the back.

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Open Farms Thoroughbred

The Thoroughbred Horse

Thank you for the time you spent with us and we hope you enjoyed the Open Farms event, we thank you for the time you spent with us and we invite you to meet our other event: Italian Gallop Championship Le Classiche Italiane, the first and the only Italian Gallop Championship featuring the best thoroughbreds in Europe, the most famous jockeys, stables, breeders and coaches at the top of the international scene.

Italian Gallop Championship

A race of the Italian Gallop Championship

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