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Nearco (January 24, 1935 – June 27, 1957) from Pharos e Nogara was an Italian Thoroughbred English Horse, gallop champion of the Dormello Olgiata breed bred by Federico Tesio in Dormelletto, Piedmont.


Nearco in the stable

Nearco left a lineage that has had horses of great importance such as Nearctic, Northerm Dancer, Secreteriat and others so much so that he was twice (in 1947 and 1949) at the top of the list of stallions whose descendants had won the greatest sum of prizes in England and Ireland.

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Nearco Prix De Paris

Prix de Paris

Nearco was retired from racing in 1938, undefeated after 14 races in which he participated, and sold as a stallion at Beech House Stud kennel in Newmarket, UK, for £ 60,000.00 gold, a record price for those times.

Italian Derby

Nearco died…

Nearco died of cancer on June 27, 1957. Goodbye champion!

Here is an extract from the beautiful article written by Mario Fossati on December 5, 1986.

For Federico Tesio there was a great horse the best he had trained and trained, Cavaliere d’Arpino. Then, Nearco.

Ribot was created by Tesio. Fate, however, did not want Tesio to see its debut. According to the Marquis Mario Incisa, a member of Federico Tesio, Nearco precedes Ribot, in the ranking of values.

The Marquis recalled Cavaliere d’Arpino as a phenomenal horse. “I had been admitted to his box, on the eve of the omnium (his last race), and I was aware of the honor that was given to me while Tesio, with visible concern, examined the front leg of the horse, which had repeatedly” resented ” “two, three years”. Well, Nearco had dimmed, in the memory of the Marquis Incisa, the strong shape of Cavaliere d ‘Arpino.

Federico Tesio, great coach, already a jockey of Tesio, at the time of Cavaliere d ‘Arpino never had doubts. Cavaliere d ‘Arpino in front of Nearco and Ribot. “

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