How your horse painted on a plate is born

How your horse painted on a plate is born

How your horse painted on a plate is born

Why do you have to have your horse painted on a plate?

Because your horse doesn’t deserve a cold photograph but more. Much more.

We at Club Horse love horses, all horses and, like all people who love horses, we would like our horse to always be next to us but, for almost all of us, this is not possible because it is much, much bigger. of a cat or a dog and, of course, you cannot keep it indoors.

Your horse painted on a plate 2 horses

So we asked ourselves a question

If you can’t have your beloved horse at home, how can you always have an image of him in front of your eyes?

Not with a photograph

Photography is cold and mundane and your horse, your beloved horse deserves much more than just a photograph.

Your horse is important and precious, very precious so his image must be a unique image on something precious.

That’s why your horse needs to be painted on a plate.

But not on just any dish. Your horse will be painted on a plate only if the plate is in a precious material, as precious as your horse and the majolica is very, very precious.

So we asked …

So we asked our artist, very good at painting horses and making magnificent majolica objects, to do it for our friends.

She immediately accepted with enthusiasm and told us that to make a perfect majolica plate you need a long, delicate and difficult job that begins with the photograph of your horse and, therefore, each plate is unique in the world, like your horse, and very different from the cold series production of other decorations.

To better understand the high artisan value of each piece, we will tell you how the majolica plate is created with the image and, if you want, also with the name of your horse.

How your horse painted on a plate is born. It is necessary that…

It is necessary that you send us a photo of your horse for our artist to start his work

Your horse painted on a plate Foto Cavallo

As soon as your photograph arrives our artist gets to work and creates the basic design of your horse and, I remind you, of his name if you want it.

Your horse painted on a plate Il Disegno

It starts with the red biscuit (a dish molded in clay and cooked for the first time at low temperature) and proceeds with the enamelling of the dish by immersing it in a mixture of enamel stanniferous and water of adequate density, and then it is left to dry.

Your Horse Painted on a plate La Smaltatura

In the meantime, the dusting is made: a perforated design on light paper used to transfer the design to the surface of the plate, using a bag of coal dust which is gently beaten on the surface, obtaining a very light dotted trace.

Your Horse Painted on a plate Lo Spolvero

From the traces of dusting our artist draws the contours of your horse on the plate

Your horse painted on a plate La Traccia

At this point your horse painted on a plate…

… at this your horse painted on a plate the real decoration part begins

Using powdered colors diluted in water, the overcoat is carried out (and therefore not erasable, since the color is absorbed by the porous enamel), through the skilful mixing and overlapping of the various shades, so that the final result is as similar as possible to your horse .

In the photos you see below you see the progress of the coloring of your horse painted on a plate

Your horse painted on a plate Colore Totale
Your horse pained on a plate Disegno Terminato

Once the colored drawing is finished, the plate is covered with a layer of crystalline: a transparent glass coating capable of enhancing the colors, spraying a particular mixture of fluxes, made with a specific professional tool.

Your horse painted on a plate La Cristallinatura

At this point the dish is introduced into the appropriate oven, where it will be subjected to the second cooking at 950 ° C: the entire cooking and cooling cycle lasts about 15 hours.

Your horse painted on a plate Il Piatto Nel Forno

Each of these steps represents a very delicate moment of processing and is performed manually by the expert hands of our artist.

Since it is a handmade dish you may find slight differences in the surface and colors: these are not imperfections but inherent characteristics of the artisan majolica, which emerge after cooking and which confirms that the dish has been handmade, just for you.

How your horse painted on a plate is born. Now it’s over.

Your horse painted on a plate Piatto Finito

Your horse painted on a plate is finished, with the name of your horse, and on the back you will find the writing that confirms that it is a strictly Made in Italy product and, if you want, a possible dedication.

Now that you know how your horse painted on a plate will be made and how precious it is you just have to order it here by sending, of course, the photograph of your horse and your plate will arrive comfortably at your home, protected from shocks that could damage it and the shipping costs we offer them.

Of course, by purchasing your horse painted on a plate you will also have the Premium Services reserved for our customers.

Premium Services

And now we present you …

And now we present another excellence of ours. The Vietri ceramic jewels, naturally hand-painted by our Italian ceramic art artist, daughter of art and graduated Master of Art, who creates our jewels in his characteristic laboratory following the criteria of the ancient art of Vietri ceramics.

Felpa Ecologica con Cappuccio La Giornata Nazionale del Cavallo


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