How to Maintain Leather Bags Club Horse

How to maintain leather bags

How to Maintain Leather Bags Club Horse.
Here are some advices. Enjoy the reading.

In the same way as we take care of our horse and everything we love, so we must know how to care our bag from the Club Horse Bags Collection to maintain the high quality of the precious Italian leather used over time..

How to Maintain Leather Bags Club Horse. First advice.

We advise you to clean the leather with a soft cloth using a specific product avoiding using other types of detergents and to care the bag in a dry and cool place.

How to Maintain Leather Bags Club Horse. Second advice.

If you think you will not use it for some time, fill it with paper that does not transfer color (for example, do not use newspaper papers) to maintain its shape, naturally leaving shoulder straps and handles on the outside.

How to Maintain Leather Bags Club Horse. Third advice.

Remember that our leather products must not be cleaned with water, solvents or derivatives and must not be dry cleaned and also remember not to leave your bag in direct contact with other leathers, plastic or nylon bags that could alter them the characteristics and avoid that your bag is exposed to intense and direct sources of light or heat and never leave it in a humid environment.

How to Maintain Leather Bags Club Horse. Fourth advice.

It could happen that it could get wet: in this case, dry the skin as quickly as possible, gently dabbing the water with a dry cloth and immediately put it in a dry and well-ventilated place.

How to Care Club Horse Bags

Important: The craftsmanship of each bag in our collection can lead to slight variations in the color of the bag you will receive compared to the color you saw in our shop.

This is not a defect but it is proof that each bag was handmade, just for you.

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