How to be Perfect on Horseback

How to be perfect on horseback

How to be perfect on horseback told by Club Cavallo Italia

We are pleased to publish an article on how to be perfect on horseback by Milena Colizzi, doctor of motor science, personal & group trainer, who mainly deals with athletic training, posture and realignment as a Mezières operator.

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How to be perfect on horseback

In our world, the world of horses, Milena Colizzi has a great passion for horses, she is a first degree FISE (Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports), she was a G.R. in flat gallop and obstacle races, she was a pentathlete, she rides regularly and she wondered why we ask for athletic efficiency and we take great care of the preparation of our horses but we do not do the same for us riders.

Motor activity not in the saddle is often underestimated but, according to Milena Colizzi, we must be aware that from when you get on a horse to when you get off, any gesture we make requires a state of physical fitness.

How to be perfect on horseback Potenza

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How to be perfect on horseback

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How to be perfect on horseback. The project.

For this reason, the Rider’s Performance Method Project was born, where Milena Colizzi plays an important part, a specific physical preparation protocol for those who practice equestrian disciplines that is based on a structured work of athletic, functional and postural preparation for the optimization of sports practice. and performance improvement.

The project is based on postural rebalancing and re-harmonization with the strengthening of the muscles involved aimed at the correct position in the saddle and the prevention of spine pain, with integrated work strategies on muscle chains, increase in joint mobility and muscle elasticity.

How to be perfect on horseback.
Core Strength and Core Stability increase.

A physically prepared rider, in addition to acquiring body awareness, further coordination, cardiovascular efficiency, attitude, agility, less rigidity, fluidity in synergistic movements, optimized performance and will remove the risk of injuries and spinal pain.

This method allows to prevent problems of various kinds, especially to the spine, with a work of strengthening the antigravity muscles, to remove the possibility of injuries even when falling or when facing sudden movements of the horse, to be much more stable in the saddle, to improve our coordination in the independence of the aids, improve the fluidity of our movements in the actions we are going to perform, above all to eliminate our rigidity that we could transfer to the horse with incorrect actions dependent on them.

Physical preparation takes care of the development and structuring of conditional skills, joint mobility and coordination or dexterity skills.

How to be perfect on horseback. Conditional skills are:


  • maximal
  • resistant
  • rapid



How to be perfect on horseback. The coordination skills are:

  • Space-time orientation
  • Coupling and combination (segmentation)
  • Kinesthetic differentiation
  • Static – dynamic balance
  • Ability to react
  • Transformation of movement
  • Rhythm
  • Motor anticipation
  • Motor fantasy
How to be perfect on horseback dressage

How to be perfect on horseback. In equestrian…

… in equestrian sports it can be easily deduced, in addition to the development of conditional skills, how crucial the role of coordination skills is and their maximum development is obtained in the age group between 6 and 13 years.

Specific training for a sporting discipline, in this case equestrian sports, aims to improve one’s level of sporting performance through the process of physiological adaptation to physical effort so as to be able to express the best performance in the context of a competition.

How to be perfect on horseback and baby

Alignment and symmetry in the saddle are essential for the proper management of the horse and its symmetry.

How to be perfect on horseback. A rider…

… a rider who is constantly able to maintain symmetry during all gaits, trajectories and parabolas during jumps involving all variations of balance will have a balanced, light on the shoulders and responsive horse, thanks to the absence or minimization. pressure and, or, involuntary movements due to poor position control and insufficient core strength.

How to be perfect on horseback riding

How to be perfect on horseback. The ability

The ability to balance, divided into static balance and dynamic balance, is defined as the ability to keep the body balanced in a static position, or with slow movements, and is based on the processing of the signals of the kinesthetic, tactile, optical and, to a lesser extent, vestibular (static balance) analyzers.

The ability to maintain and restore balance during and after large and rapid changes in position that tend to unbalance the body the predominance is vestibular information that records linear and angular accelerations from the semicircular canals of the otolithic apparatus (in the ear) (dynamic balance).

How to be perfect on horseback. The author: Milena Colizzi
Rider’s Performance Method

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How to be perfect on horseback
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