How our Bags Collection are born

How our bags collection are born

How our Bags Collection are Born?

Our bags collection, created for those who, like us at Club Horse, love horses, are Made in Italy and handcrafted by the hands of our Italian leather masters who, thanks to their creativity, patience and mastery, transform the soft and true Italian leather in a bag, admired, unique and obviously dedicated to horses.

How our bags collection are born. Where

Our bags collection are born in an Italian area that we found after a long search and we discovered it in the Riviera del Brenta, famous all over the world for the production of the best Italian footwear, a territory far from where almost all bags are born Italian and, therefore, even more precious because we always want to offer the best to our customers.

How our collection of bags are born. Who creates it

Our bags collection is created by our master leather craftsmen of great and long experience who, with care and love, make each bag because each bag in our collection is something unique and unrepeatable, characteristic of the highest value craftsmanship and when you will receive your bag, safely and without shipping costs to your home, smell it and you will understand the difference between our bags and the others.

What we offer in our bags collection are not simply objects of a fashion that passes in a short time but expressions of an elegant lifestyle, emotions that remain over time.


Our bags collection it is here, for you

Now that you know how our bags are born, visit our bags collection and choose the model you prefer and if the bag you will receive at home will be slightly different from the images you saw in our online store it is not a defect but it is proof that it handmade, just for you and don’t forget the Premium Services reserved for our customers.

One last thing

To keep your bag in the best way, read our tips to keep it always at its best.

They are small suggestions born from the long experience that our master leather workers, artisans who love their work, have developed over years and years of work and love for perfection.

If you follow them they too will be happy and you will always have your perfect bag with a little commitment on your part.

Thanks, from them too.

Thank you for the time you spent with us and don’t forget the Club Cavallo Italia clothing collection for those who love horses.

Wear it and everyone will understand that you are part of a special world, the world of those who love horses.

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