How Falling off a Horse

How falling off a horse

How Falling off a Horse

As a Mexican proverb says: “it is not enough for a man to know how to ride; he must know how to fall ”let’s try to understand how to falling off a horse.

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How falling off a horse: it is not a good topic but, if you go on horseback, you know very well that, unfortunately, sooner or later it can happen to you.

So it is better to know how to fall off your horse first than after you have fallen.
They may be trivial rules but it is better to remember them.

How Falling off a Horse: the Equipment

First of all, never mount without the protective equipment.
A cap and an airbag system can really save your life.

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How Falling off a Horse. What to do

When you understand that you are about to fall off your horse, look for soft ground to land on – it is much better to fall on sand, dirt or grass than on rocks or gravel!

Don’t resist, take your feet off the stirrups, let go of the reins so you don’t get dragged and, as you fall, don’t stiffen.

Keep your legs as soft as you can and resist the temptation to stretch out your arms to cushion the fall – you’ll only get a broken bone.

The more relaxed the body, the better the landing will be.

How falling off a horse

When you falling off a horse, try to throw yourself as far as possible from the horse so as not to risk ending up under its hooves.

The ideal would be to land on your feet, bend your knees as soon as you touch the ground and then curl up and roll away from the horse to repair vital organs, protecting the neck and head with your arms.

How Falling off a Horse. What to do next

Don’t get up straight away but start moving your fingers, arms, legs and, most importantly, your neck slowly to see if there are injuries.

After a falling off a horse, do not stop riding and, of course, do not take these tips as the only truth but talk to your instructor.

We’ve come to the end of knowing how falling off a horse and hopefully you’ll never need these tips.

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Good horseback riding.

Horseback riding in Tuscany

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