Horseback Riding on Lake Maggiore

Horseback Riding on Lake Maggiore

Horseback Riding on Lake Maggiore. Because?

Because Lake Maggiore is one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy and we offer you horseback riding on Lake Maggiore because ours is the world of those who love horses, their beauty and their elegance and look for these values even in the most as beautiful as Lake Maggiore.

Horseback Riding on Lake Maggiore. What you might need

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Horseback Riding on Lake Maggiore
Horseback riding on Lake Maggiore

The Lake Maggiore

Horseback Riding on Lake Maggiore. Where to go.

Before deciding where to go horseback riding on Lake Maggiore, read everything we have written, choose the area and, if you want, contact Fise Piemonte by selecting the provinces of Novara and Verbano Cusio Ossola or in Fise Lombardia, selecting the province of Varese: you will find the addresses of the riding clubs who will be happy to give you all the necessary information and, if you travel with your horse, read our advice on how to drive with your horse trailer. Good horseback riding!

Horseback riding on Lake Mggiore Pizzoni-di-Laveno

If you will be traveling with your horse, read our tips on how to travel with the horse. Thank you.

Horseback riding on Lake Maggiore

Horseback Riding on Lake Maggiore. Where to start.

It is not easy to choose where to start horseback riding on Lake Maggiore, so many are its beauties, its traditions, its attractions.

Let’s start from Stresa, with its Festivals, the Stresa Music Weeks, magnificent music played on extraordinary backgrounds such as the Palazzo Borromeo of the magnificent Isola Bella, the splendid Loggia del Cashmere on Isola Madre, the evocative Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso and the historic Rocca Borromeo, in Angera, on the Lombard shore of the lake.

Federico Tesio Lake Maggiore


From Stresa you can admire the archipelago of the Borromean Islands, an unmissable destination, reachable in a few minutes by boat and dominated by Isola Bella with its beautiful baroque palace, with its luxurious halls enriched by precious works of art overlooking the extraordinary Italian garden consisting of ten terraces that gently descend towards the lake, a garden from which it is also possible to admire the very rare white peacocks that roam freely on the lawns.

Horseback Riding in Lake Maggioire Isola Bella

The Isola Bella

The magnificent garden is enriched by basins, fountains and statues up to the great theater with the statue of the Unicorn.

A few steps from the building you can visit the ancient village, dine in the restaurants and buy a souvenir of the visit in the small typical shops.

Horseback Riding on Lake Maggiore white peacocks

A white peacocks

Horseback Riding on Lake Maggiore. We leave Stresa.

Leaving Stresa along Lake Maggiore, a stop is a must at the famous Gardens of Villa Taranto, between Verbania and Pallanza, famous throughout the world for the richness of the floral species that can be admired, gardens that are the fruit of the great work of Captain Mc Eacharn who , in 1931, the construction of this magnificent work began which, from March to November of each year, gives emotions, sets and perfumes to all visitors.

Horseback Riding on Lake Maggiore Villa Taranto

The Gardens of Villa Taranto

Captain Mc Eacharn has set the English style to the gardens, even if the Italian inspirations are not rare with statues, fountains, terraces, waterfalls …

All this makes the Gardens of Villa Taranto one of the most important botanical gardens in the world: an area of about 16 hectares crossed by 7 kilometers of avenues, an Eden impossible to describe so rich is the presence of colors, scents, emotions.

Horseback riding on Lake Como giardini-villa-taranto2

Horseback Riding on Lake Maggiore. Towards Switzerland.

We leave the Gardens of Villa Taranto and, heading towards the border with Switzerland, we meet the most beautiful villas around the lake, built between the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, some overlooking Lake Maggiore, others located on the rolling hills that crown the lake.

In Ghiffa the Ville Ada Troubetzkoy, which takes up the motif of a Russian dacha, Villa Giuseppina Giusti, whose architectural style is embellished with various ornamental elements, and Villa Laforet, the favorite residence of the painter Augusto Laforet, passionate author of enchanting views.

In Oggebbio you can find Villa Drahnet-Zervudachi, one of the most impressive residences on Lake Maggiore, and Villa “Solitudine” Polli, quite far from the inhabited centers and immersed in a vast park, far from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

Villa Drahnet-Zervudachi

Along Lake Maggiore in Cannero you will find Villa d’Azeglio, Massimo D’Azeglio’s residence, with a simple and linear style, practically hidden by thick vegetation and, in Cannobio, Villa La Sabbioncella, immersed in the woods.

Horseback Riding on Lake Maggiore. Gastronomy.

Now let’s deal with the gastronomy and wines of Lake Maggiore starting with mountain cheeses, a true culture that originates thanks to the large meadows for grazing, cheeses to be paired with the famous full-bodied and fragrant wines of the area, such as Ghemme Dogc, Nebbiolo Doc or Vespolina Doc and the wines of Angera.

Horseback riding in Lake Maggiore Mountain Cheese

The mountain cheeses

Moving to the nearby Ossola Valleys we can taste wines with mountain flavors such as Prünent with its 700 years of history, Neuv Bruschett and Cà d’Matè, Ossolanum, Tarlap and Balòss.

Horseback Riding on Lake Maggiore. Where to sleep.

We end our journey on Lake Maggiore from where we started: Stresa because if you want to spend a few nights and extend your visit, the great hotels of Stresa, the pearl of Lake Maggiore, also renowned for its luxurious hotels that have hosted personalities, are not to be missed.

Illustrious such as the King of Italy Umberto II, Princess Margareth of England, Eleonora Duse, Gabriele d’Annunzio, George Bernard Shaw, Toscanini, Clark Gable, Andrew Carnegie, Rockefeller, Hemingway and Charlie Chaplin are just some of the famous characters left impressed by the beauty of the place.

As usual, we mention three of them: the Grand Hotel des Isles Borromées (in the image), the Regina Palace Hotel and the Hotel La Palma, but the offer is so vast that you will certainly find the perfect solution for you

Horseback riding on Lake Maggiore grand_hotel des iles borromees


After the horseback riding on Lake Maggiore why not take some beautiful horseback riding in Tuscany, one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. Tuscany awaits for you.

Horseback riding in Tuscany

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