Horseback Riding in Tuscany

Horseback riding in Tuscany

Horseback Riding in Tuscany. Because?

Because Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy and visiting it with horseback riding is an experience that offers extraordinary and unique emotions that will remain forever in your memories.

For this reason we at Club Horse offer you horseback riding in Tuscany.

Tuscany is a great region, beautiful, full of offers for those who want to visit it and here you will find our ideas for your horseback riding in Tuscany, from the Florentine and Sienese countryside, passing through the Uccellina Park to the magnificent Maremma and in Tuscany our handmade silver jewels dedicated to horses are born.

Horseback riding in Tuscany

For information on the equestrian centers close to your horseback riding in Tuscany we recommend the FISE Toscana website where you can choose the equestrian center that best suits your needs.

Horseback Riding in Tuscany. What you might need

For your horseback riding we can recommend our clothing with the embroidered Club Cavallo Italia brand, the brand that will tell everyone that you are part of a special world, the world of those who love horses, and one of the bags in our Bags Collection, handmade by our master leather craftsmen with the best Italian leather.

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Horseback Riding in the province of Florence

Among the most beautiful itineraries for your horseback riding in Tuscany is the Vallombrosa-Saltino Forest, a few tens of kilometers from Florence.

Horseback riding of all levels is organized by the equestrian centers in the area where, in addition to the magnificent flora, you can meet beautiful fallow deer, wild boar and friendly squirrels.

Horseback riding in the most beautiful places in the world.

Saltino is a fraction of Reggello where we recommend a stop at “La Gastronomia” to taste their magnificent local delicacies, cappellacci with truffles, fried Vallombrosa mushrooms and their exquisite desserts such as blackberry tart.

Horseback Riding in the province of Siena

We continue our horseback riding in Tuscany and go to the province of Siena, famous for the Palio di Siena, which offers so many attractions among the medieval villages of the Sienese territory.

Exciting is the excursion to the Montagnola Senese, one of the most interesting areas of Tuscany, a naturalistic and historical heritage of great value, including hermitages, castles and caves, which runs along the Via Franchigena, along which you can see places and buildings of the time medieval and, for experts, there is the trekking in the Tufo mines, an ancient mining town that recalls the landscape of the American canyons.

In Monteriggioni, one of the municipalities of the Montagnola Senese, we recommend the “Le Torri restaurant”, the “Casalta” restaurant, in the Strove area, and the “Il Ciliegio” restaurant.

It is impossible to indicate one above all because in all of Tuscany you always eat well. You decide. It will certainly be the right choice

Horseback riding in Tuscany Montagnola Senese

The Montagnola Senese

Horseback Riding in the province of Arezzo

Let’s continue our horseback riding in Tuscany in the province of Arezzo. You must not miss the Monte Acuto trekking where, walking through the woods and vineyards of excellent Tuscan wines, you can admire the valley where the Ombrone and Merse rivers meet.

In the area we recommend the “Vivenz” restaurant in Levane, the “Osteria La Vecchia Fornace” in Bucine and the “Locanda Casariccio”.

Horseback riding in TuscanyMonte Acuto

The Monte Acuto

Here, too, our recommendations for restaurants in Monteriggioni apply. You choose and you will certainly find yourself well and eat even better.

Horseback Riding in Maremma

The itineraries offered by the Maremma, also famous for the Maremma Horse, in the Archaeological Park of the City of Tufo, among the Etruscan and medieval ruins, are also beautiful.

In Sovana, an important Etruscan center, medieval and Renaissance village, we recommend the “Agriturismo San Giacomo”, in Poggio Dell’Olivo, “Vino al Vino”, the Sovana wine shop and “eehGià Bistrot”.

As for our other proposals, here too you choose the restaurant you prefer and you will eat well.

Horseback riding in Tuscany Maremma

The Maremma

We close our ideas for your horseback riding in Tuscany with the extraordinary Parco dell’Uccellina, the pearl of the Maremma, the most visited naturalistic area in Tuscany.

Over 10,000 hectares of land that extends from Principina a Mare to Telamone while to the east you reach the Via Aurelia, the ancient Roman road that connects Liguria to Rome.

In Alberese we recommend the “Osteria il Mangiapane”. An informal place where you can eat the real Maremma cuisine.

Horseback riding in Tuscany Parco del'Uccellina

The Parco dell’Uccellina

Sleeping in Tuscany

For each proposal we have indicated one or more restaurants but it is different to propose a hotel.

The hotel is an individual choice because it can be the base for the departure of your Horseback riding or you want to spend the night in the location from which to leave the next day. The choice is yours.

In conclusion

In our proposals we have not gone into details because those who love to go horseback riding choose their horseback riding based on your experience, your desires, what you want to see …

We are sure that, once the area of your interest has been identified, they will be able to give you all the advice you need for your Horseback riding in Tuscany in the equestrian center you choose.

Horseback riding in Tuscany

Our advice

After horseback riding in Tuscany, don’t forget horseback riding in Amalfi coast, the Pearl of Campania, a short but extraordinary and unforgettable journey of only 50 kilometers along the Gulf of Salerno.

Horseback riding in Amalfi coast

Amalfi coast

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