Horseback Riding in Tropea

Horseback Riding in Tropea

Horseback Riding in Tropea

The Borgo dei Borghi, the most beautiful village in Italy

Horseback Riding in Tropea

Tropea is a very famous seaside resort that rises on a high tuff promontory, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea on the west coast of Calabria, in the province of Vibo Valentia.

Tropea is divided into two: Tropea Superiore, the actual village where the inhabitants live and where daily life takes place, and a lower part, called “Marina”, close to the sea and the tourist port.

The upper part of Tropea is built on a rock overlooking the sea and the historic town was once surrounded by walls and could only be accessed by crossing doors with defense systems.

Horseback riding in Tropea veduta

Legend has it that the founder was Hercules returning from the Pillars of Hercules (now Gibraltar) but the history of Tropea begins in Roman times when, along the coast, Sextus Pompeius defeated Caesar Octavian.

Tropea played an important role in both Roman and Byzantine times due to its position as a terrace overlooking the sea and, after a long siege, the city was taken from the Byzantines by Arab pirates, then reconquered by the Normans under whom it prospered.

Horseback Riding in Tropea Pillars of Hercules

The Pillars of Hercules

Today Tropea is part of the club The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy and, since 2020, has been awarded the Blue Flag by the Foundation for Environmental Education, which rewards seaside resorts that have distinguished themselves for their rigorous compliance with management criteria. sustainable development of the territory and concrete environmental sustainability policies.

The sea views, also called villas, are numerous and characteristic and the Raf Vallone or dei Sospiri view is considered one of the most beautiful views in all of southern Italy.

In the online version of the Sunday Times of January 14, 2007 Tropea was considered among the twenty most beautiful beaches in Europe and, during the broadcast of Kilimanjaro broadcast on Rai 3, it was awarded the title of Borgo dei Borghi 2021.

Horseback Riding in Tropea affaccio Raf Vallone

The Raf Vallone view

Horseback riding in Tropea. What you might need

For your horseback rides in Tropea you could wear a garment from our Clothing Collection: the embroidered Club Cavallo Italia brand will let everyone know that you are part of a special world, the magical world of those who love horses.

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Horseback riding in Tropea. Where to go

We suggest horseback riding on the beach, a unique and unforgettable experience, but first make sure they are suitable for your experience and, if you want, on the Fise Calabria website, selecting the province of Vibo Valentia, you will certainly find the equestrian centers that will be happy to help you and, if you will be traveling with your horse, read our advice here. Thank you.

Horseback riding in Camargue drive

Horseback Riding in Tropea, at sunrise, sunset or at night

Horseback riding on the beach are the experiences that fascinate the most and that every rider dreams of doing.

Horseback riding in Tropea, on the splendid Ionian coast, where spontaneous vegetation and sand dunes create landscapes that you will never forget.

Imagine an expanse of white sand in front of you with the rhythmic sound of the waves crashing on the shore and the wind in your hair carrying the salty scent of the sea.

Living these moments in the saddle of a horse makes this experience even more authentic and profound and allows you to admire the naturalistic beauties of wonderful coasts in which beaches of breathtaking beauty are set.

Horseback Riding in Tropea. Where to sleep

As we always do, we suggest three hotels but the offer in Tropea is very wide, you will certainly find the perfect accommodation for you.

Villa Paola, in the photograph, a hotel with a long and fascinating history, the Rocca della Sena hotel and, finally, the La Dolce Vita hotel.

Villa Paola Hotel

Horseback Riding in Tropea. What to take home.

The red onion of Tropea, famous all over the world, is the name given to the red onion grown between Nicotera, in the province of Vibo Valentia, and Campora San Giovanni, in the municipality of Amantea, in the province of Cosenza, and along the Tyrrhenian belt.

Imported by the Phoenicians. it has been mainly produced between Briatico and Capo Vaticano for over two thousand years and its sweetness seems to depend on the stable microclimate in winter due to the proximity of the sea and the cool and loamy soils, which determine the valuable characteristics of this product.

Horseback riding in Tropea Red Onion of Tropea

The red onion of Tropea

And after your Horseback Riding in Tropea …

… after we recommend horseback riding on the Costa Smeralda, truly unforgettable.

Horseback Riding on the Costa Smeralda

Good horseback riding and remember that you may have your horse, or the horse of a loved one, painted in a precious majolica plate, as precious as your horse, to always have in front of your eyes.

Your Horse painted on a Plate


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