Horseback Riding in the Aosta Valley

Horseback Riding in the Aosta Valley

Horseback Riding in the Aosta Valley

Horseback riding in the Aosta Valley, the smallest Italian region with the most beautiful mountains in all the Alps, such as Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe with its 4,810 meters, or the beautiful Cervino, the extraordinary Monte Rosa and the Gran Paradiso.

Horseback Riding in the Aosta Valley Aosta Valley

Horseback riding in the Aosta Valley, among extraordinary views and castles, some of which remain only ruins but others that are worth a visit such as the castle of Fénis, the castle of Verres, the fort of Bard and the castle of Saint Pierre.

Horseback riding in the Aosta Valley paying attention to the climate because temperatures vary according to the altitude of the territory.

Summers are short with long winters where the high altitude temperature drops to -20 ° C and in summer temperatures above 30 ° C are recorded in the valley floor with little wind that accentuates the annoying sensation of mugginess.

Horseback Riding in the Aosta Valley Forte di Bard

The fort of Bard

Horseback Riding in the Aosta Valley Monte Rosa

The Monte Rosa

Horseback Riding in the Aosta Valley. What you might need.

For your horseback riding in the Aosta Valley we will be happy if you want to wear a garment from our Clothing Collection: the embroidered Club Cavallo Italia brand will let everyone know that you are part of a special world, the magical world of those who love horses.

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Horseback Riding in the Aosta Valley. Where to go.

We suggest some routes but check first that they are suitable for your experience and, if you want, on the Fise Valle d’Aosta website, you will find equestrian centers that will be happy to help you and suggest alternatives and, if you are traveling with your horse, read our advice here. Thank you.

Passeggiate a cavallo

You can start with a horseback ride of about 1 hour in Saint Pierre or with a walk of about 3 hours starting from Vetan (1800 m asl) a small fraction of the village of Saint Pierre that you can easily reach both from Aosta and from the main roads and highways.

It is a walk that winds along the pristine paths of the valley, in the direction of Saint Pierre and Saint Nicolas, two small characteristic villages, where you can breathe an atmosphere that seems to have crystallized over time, among majestic mountain peaks, pastures, woods and medieval castles will make you feel immersed in another dimension.

Horseback Riding in the Aosta valley

Finally, if you want to spend a whole day on horseback, we suggest the Vertosan valley to discover a suggestive unspoiled corner hidden among the peaks of the Aosta Valley Alps starting from Vetan, a hamlet of Saint Pierre, a picturesque village a few kilometers from Aosta

You will climb mountain paths through breathtaking views, until you reach the Court de Bard, at over 2,000 meters above sea level, from which you can enjoy an extraordinary view of Mont Blanc, the Cervino and the valleys of the Gran Paradiso.

It is an uncrowded horseback riding, ideal for those who want to escape the chaos of the city, regenerate themselves in the mountain nature and spend a day in symbiosis with a wonderful animal like the horse. (But we don’t like to call it an animal).

Horseback Riding in the Aosta Valley Cervino

The Cervino

Horseback Riding in the Aosta Valley. Where to sleep.

As is our custom, we suggest three hotels but the offer in the Aosta Valley is really very wide and we are sure that you will find the perfect accommodation for you.

The Hermitage Hotel in Cervinia or the Grand Hotel Courmayeur Mont Blanc in Courmayeur and, finally, the Gran Baita Hotel always in Courmayeur.

Hotel Hermitage

The Hermitage Hotel

And after your Horseback Riding in the Aosta Valley…

… Afterwards we recommend horse riding by the sea, in Punta Ala, on a very long beach, the perfect solution for those looking for a holiday surrounded by nature.

How to be perfect on horseback

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