Horseback Riding in Portofino

Horseback Riding in Portofino

Horseback Riding in Portofino.

Portofino, one of the most elegant places in Italy that propose you Club Horse, the world of those who love horses, is a small village that extends like a lunar arc around this calm basin.

This is how Guy de Maupassant described Portofino in 1889, speaking of a hidden bay of olive and chestnut trees. A small village.

Horseback Riding in Portofino. Let’s begin.

Horseback riding in Portofino PortoFino dall'Alto

We slowly cross the narrow passage that joins the sea to this magnificent natural harbor and enter the amphitheater of the houses, surrounded by a green and powerful forest and everything is reflected in the mirror of the calm waters, where some fishing boats seem to sleep.

Portofino is located in the western part of the Gulf of Tigullio, in a bay at the foot of the promontory and the entire territory is part of the Portofino Regional Natural Park.

The best way to appreciate Portofino is to travel, in complete safety, on its unique and fascinating paths with which, through the dense network of over 60 kilometers, you can discover the wonderful richness and variety of natural environments, breathtaking views and monuments of which the territory is rich.

Horseback Riding in Portofino. What you might need

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Horsebak riding

Horseback riding in Portofino. How to arrive.

To reach Portofino, one of the most elegant places in Italy, it is necessary to take the only road that connects it to nearby Santa Margherita Ligure, the provincial road 227 which ends right in Portofino.

Horseback riding in Portofino Santa Margherita Ligure

Santa Margherita Ligure

Portofino does not have riding stables but by visiting the site of the FISE of Liguria (Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports) you can contact the equestrian center that best suits your needs which will be able to indicate the best routes to be able to admire the beauties of the Gulf of Tigullio in all calm and you stop where you want and if you will travel with your horse read here our tips on how to driving with your horses trailer. Thank you.

Horseback riding on Lake Maggiore

Horseback riding in Portofino. A break.

If you want to take a break, we recommend three excellent bars: the Winterose Wine Bar, with wine and champagne tasting accompanied by pleasant snacks such as olives, cheeses and cold cuts and a small wine bar with dehors in calata Marconi, the Bar Morena in the famous Piazza Martiri dell’Olivetta, an informal bar with outdoor tables and excellent cocktails, and the Portofiniese, secluded, on the tip of the promontory, in via della Penisola, informal and welcoming.

Horseback riding in Portofino Portofino Piazzetta

Piazza Martiri dell’Olivetta

Horseback riding in Portofino. Where to eat.

Portofino offers a large number of excellent restaurants and, of course, also pizzerias.

Here we propose three restaurants, all in the famous Martiri dell’Olivetta square with a sea view:

La Taverna del Marinaio, a small restaurant with paintings of ships on the walls, soft lights and dehors overlooking the marina that offers excellent fish dishes, the Puny Restaurant and, in a somewhat reserved corner of the square, the Trattoria Tripoli with cuisine traditional and don’t forget the trofie al pesto, a typical Ligurian dish.

Horseback riding trofie

The trofie al pesto

Horseback riding in Portofino. Where to sleep.

Horseback riding in Portofino By night

Portofino offers, as you can imagine, many hotels of various price levels. We offer three: the Best Western Regina Elena, not far from the square, in via Milite Ignoto, comfortable with sea view, breakfast and WiFi included and private beach, the Piccolo Portofino Hotel, an elegant hotel with sea view in via Duca degli Abruzzi and Marina di Portofino, in the famous Martiri dell’Olivetta square and the exclusive Eight Hotel, in via del Fondaco.

Horseback riding in Portofino Hotel Piccolo Portofino

Piccolo Portofino Hotel

After horseback riding in Portofino we discover its history.

According to Pliny the Elder, the village had the Roman name Portus Delphini perhaps due to the large presence of dolphins in the Gulf of Tigullio and, since Roman times, the monks of the Abbey of San Colombano lived in the area.

Approaching the present day, from 1229 Portofino became part of the Republic of Genoa becoming a safe haven for the merchant navy and, in 1409, the Emperor Charles VI of France sold the village to Florence.

In 1797 with the French domination of Napoleon Bonaparte, Portofino returned to the Ligurian Republic and, in 1815, was incorporated into the Kingdom of Sardinia and, subsequently, into the Kingdom of Italy.

Today Portofino …

Since 1957 many films have been shot in Portofino such as “Souvenir d’Italie”, “Una botta di vita” and many others and a “Portofino” has been recreated in the United States at the Universal Portofino Bay Resort Studios in Orlando, Florida.

There are many characters linked to Portofino from Richard the Lionheart to Pope Gregory XI, from Guglielmo Marconi to Marco Tronchetti Provera, just to name the most famous.

Souvenir d'Italie

And after horseback riding in Portofino…

…and after horseback riding in Portofino we invite you to another very elegant location, Taormina, where you will enjoy other magnificent horseback rides between sun, sea and nature.

Horseback Riding in Taormina

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