Horseback Riding in Matera

Horseback Riding in Matera

Horseback riding in Matera

The Sassi of Matera are recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site but are not a monument but a way of life and a model of development that lasted millennia because the Sassi represent an urban settlement unique in the world in the rugged Murgia area.

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Matera stands on a limestone plateau that has a spectacular anomaly: a central furrow, a real canyon of 70-80 meters, crossed by the Gravina stream.

Horseback riding in Matera: what to know first

The territory of Matera was inhabited continuously since the Paleolithic and the Rioni dei Sassi were born towards the end of the fifteenth century.

The succession of populations over the centuries has left a rather intricate urban system where buildings overlap natural cavities and, between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the Rioni dei Sassi became the homes of the poorest classes of the city.

Subsequently, a transfer plan was made to a new neighborhood and the whole area was redeveloped and today it is possible to admire the original core of the Sassi and the houses dug directly into the rock and tuff, experiencing the feeling of being in a nativity scene.

The extraordinary scenery of Matera has been the backdrop to many famous and less famous films, both Italian and foreign, including Mel Gibson’s blockbuster “The Passion”.

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Horseback riding in Matera. Where to go

Now that you have briefly known the extraordinary Sassi di Matera here are some ideas for your horseback riding in Matera and his territory.

We suggest some routes but if you want to choose among the many that this extraordinary area offers the ones you love the most, we suggest you contact the equestrian centers in the area (you can find them on the FISE Basilicata website) who will be happy to help you.

Finally, if you will be traveling with your horse, read our advice on how to diving with your horses trailer here. Thank you.

Horseback riding in Camargue drive

Horseback riding in Matera. What you might need

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La Giornata Nazionale del cavallo

Horseback riding in Matera. On the Via del Grano

It is necessary to take what the ancestors called the wheat route, traveled mainly in summer, with towloads of wheat towards the sea, the “coastal”.
Continue on the path, a path in unspoiled nature, between the hills, the expanses of fields cultivated with wheat interspersed with olive groves and orchards, but above all with wheat that is transformed into flour and therefore into a delicious bread.

Among these landscapes you can savor the smell and taste of the earth, which thanks to these sensory experiences you learn to know and appreciate and we arrive at the Murgia, the limestone and the stream.

Horseback Riding in Matera sulla via del Grano

The Via del Grano

Horseback riding in Matera. Along the Gravina canyon

You will live in a concert of smells and colors in a hidden paradisiacal atmosphere away from the noise of the city.
A walk among hundreds and hundreds of fruit trees. Mostly apricot and cherry trees, mixed with olive trees and some oranges and figs, in a flat area overlooking the Canyon of the Gravina and in the background, the flow of the stream in the distance
A walk that gives a sense of peace and well-being.

Horseback riding in Matera. The Silver Lake

A rather long and arduous path but the arrival will pay off everything.
We head towards the Gravina, the karst rock canyon, and we have to ford the stream along a stable platform created centuries ago.
We skirt the Gravina and following the stream we will arrive straight to our destination after having encountered signs of wild life, of real nature and around us the colors and smells of the most uncontaminated nature.

Horseback riding in Matera. Where to sleep

The hotel offer in Matera is really great and we are sure that you will find the hotel suitable for you and those traveling with you.

We recommend, as usual, three hotels: Palazzo Gattini Luxury Hotel, Sant’Angelo Luxury Resort and Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA

Horseback Riding in Matera Sant'Angelo Resort

Sant’Angelo Luxury Resort

After horseback riding in Matera…

After horseback riding in Matera, we offer you another exciting destination, horseback riding in another of the most beautiful places in Italy: the Amalfi Coast.

Horseback riding in Amalfi coast

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