Horseback Riding in Madonna di Campiglio

Horseback riding in Madonna di Campiglio

Horseback Riding in Madonna di Campiglio

Horseback Riding in Madonna di Campiglio, a Club Cavallo Italia idea

In summer or winter, among unique landscapes in the world, unforgettable horseback riding

Madonna di Campiglio, a beautiful and elegant city for winter and summer sports, is one of the major ski resorts in Italy and is part of the Skirama Dolomiti ski area but before reading this article, subscribe to our weekly Italian newsletter here to find out what happens in the world of Club Cavallo Italia, the club of those who love horses. Thank you..

Horseback Riding in Madonna di Campiglio town

Horseback Riding in Madonna di Campiglio. We know Madonna di Campiglio.

Founded in 1190 by Raimondo as a monastery – hospice in expiation of his sins for assistance to the traveler, it grew quickly and around 1450, at the height of its history, came to have 20 monks and 5 nuns.

Then the decline until 1868 when the entrepreneur Giovanni Battista Righi bought the ruins of what remained to found the “Alpine Plant”, the first modern hotel and Madonna di Campiglio was reborn thanks to the “old road”, the first road that united Madonna di Campiglio with the rest of the world, built by Giovanni Battista Righi between 1874 and 1875.


The Empress Elisabeth of Austria, known as Sissi

Giovanni Battista Righi was succeeded by Franz Josef Oesterreicher who, at the end of the nineteenth century, made Madonna di Campiglio the privileged destination of the European and Habsburg aristocracy, so much so that even the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, known as Sissi, spent two periods of vacation at the Hotel des Alpes by renting the two upper floors and, in the second vacation, she was joined by her husband, the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph.

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Horseback Riding in Madonna di Campiglio. Also in…

… also in those years, in 1910, a group of English skiers went up the nearby Monte Spinale to verify the skiing characteristics.

But only after 1930, with the construction of the current state road that made it possible to reach Madonna di Campiglio even in the cold months, did it begin to establish itself as an important location for winter tourism and, in the 1950s, it became a consolidated reality.

Madonna di Campiglio is also home to the “3Tre” (“three races in Trentino”) one of the oldest ski races in Europe, founded in 1949.

Horseback Riding in Madonna di Campiglio Sky

Today in Madonna di Campiglio you live the worldly but at the same time sober life of its origins, made up of well-kept and refined hotels, trendy shops and traditional shops and, walking outside the town, you will find lakes, streams, huts and shelters with an ancient flavor, ideal places for magnificent horseback riding in both summer and winter.

Horseback Riding in Madonna di campiglio centro

Horseback Riding in Madonna di Campiglio. Where to go.

In this magnificent area you can organize horseback riding for one hour, three or four hours or, for the more experienced, a full day, so many are the places to reach: the Grosté Pass, the Ritort hut, the lake. di Nambino and Valagola, the – Monte Spinale… but first make sure they are suitable for your experience.

Le più belle passeggiate a cavallo

Two tips: on the website of the Trentino Fise Committee you can find equestrian centers that will be happy to help you and, if you are traveling with your horse, read our tips here. Thanks.

Passeggiate a cavallo

Horseback Riding in Madonna di Campiglio. Where to sleep.

As we always do, we recommend three hotels but we are sure that the offer you will find in Madonna di Campiglio will certainly meet your needs.
The Hotel Chalet del Brenta in via Castelletto Inferiore 4 or the Hotel des Alpes, the holiday hotel of Princess Sissi () and, finally, the new Hotel Rosengarten of the Ballarini family in Viale Dolomiti di Brenta, 71.

Hotel del Alpes

The Hotel des Alpes

And after your Horseback Riding in Madonna di Campiglio…

… Afterwards we recommend horse riding by the sea, in Punta Ala, on a very long beach, the perfect solution for those looking for a holiday surrounded by nature.

How to be perfect on horseback

Horseback riding in Punta Ala

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