Horseback Riding in Gubbio

Horseback Riding in Gubbio

Horseback Riding in Gubbio

The stone city of Umbria, one of the most beautiful medieval cities in the world

Horseback Riding in Gubbio

Built almost entirely in stone, Gubbio remains today one of the most beautiful medieval cities in the world, due to the state of conservation of the monuments and the entire wall system.
Rich in history, art and good food.

Horseback Riding in Gubbio. Gubbio and San Francesco

The town of Gubbio is linked to the history of San Francesco, in particular to the encounter with the wolf, mentioned in the XXI chapter of the Fioretti di San Francesco, near the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria, known as the Vittorina, in the photo alongside.

Horseback Riding in Gubbio Chiesa

The church of Santa Maria della Vittoria,

This miraculous episode is among the best known in the world and its truth has been discussed for a long time as it could be possible that a bandit, reconciled with the town of Francesco is the wolf, or the she-wolf, even if many scholars speak of a real animal.

The Franciscan sources write: “Francis made the sign of the most holy cross to him, and called him to himself and said,” Come here, brother wolf, I command you on the side of Christ that you do not harm either to me or to person “.

Wonderful thing to say! Immediately that Saint Francis had made the cross, the terrible wolf closed his mouth and stopped running; and having done the commandment, he came meekly as a lamb, and threw himself at the feet of Saint Francis to lie down. “

For this reason, the city is crossed by several paths traveled every year by thousands of pilgrims, all in the name of the saint.
One of these is called the Way of Assisi.

Horseback Riding in Gubbio. What you might need

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Horseback Riding in Gubbio. A curiosity: the Colli Altotiberini Doc wines

The large area of the Altotiberini Hills, which includes important towns such as Città di Castello, Umbertide and Gubbio, takes its name from the hilly area crossed by the River Tiber.

The winemaking traditions of the area date back to the Romans and even earlier to the Etruscans.

Andrea Bacci, an important writer and philosopher describes the area in the sixteenth century as follows: “on both sides of the Tiber there are festive fields and rich pastures, from which gentle hills rise, partly covered with long rows of olive trees and partly with vineyards well-kept “.

Horsebak Riding in Gubbio Uva

Naturally, wine has always occupied an important place in local gastronomy.
The typical grapes of the area are grechetto, trebbiano and sangiovese which have been joined over the last two decades by some international varieties such as cabernet sauvignon and merlot.

Horseback Riding in Gubbio. Where to go

Horseback Riding in Gubbio

A horseback ride in the Eugubini Hills area, relaxing in nature, or a walk of at least an hour exploring the countryside of Gubbio or, finally, a walk of about three hours, expanding the area to see to enjoy the view of the flora local but first make sure they are suitable for your experience and, if you want, on the Fise Umbria website you will certainly find the equestrian centers that will be happy to help you and, if you are traveling with your horse, read our advice here. Thank you.

Passeggiate a cavallo

Horseback Riding in Gubbio. Where to sleep

As we always do, we suggest three hotels but the offer in Gubbio and its surroundings is very wide, you will certainly find the accommodation you are looking for.

In Gubbio we recommend the Park Hotel ai Cappuccini the Hotel Relais Ducale always in Gubbio or, if you prefer to live the thrill of staying in a castle, the Castello di Baccaresca a few kilometers from Gubbio.

Horseback Riding in Gubbio Castello di Baccaresca

The Castello di Beccaresca

And after Horseback Riding in Gubbio we suggest …

After Horseback Riding in Gubbio we suggest horseback riding by the sea, in the Cinque Terre, a wonderful area to discover on horseback.

Horseback riding in the Cinque Terre

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