Horseback Riding in Assisi

Horseback riding in Assisi

Horseback Riding in Assisi

Assisi. The city where St. Francesco, patron saint of Italy, and Santa Chiara lived and died.

Horseback riding in Assisi

Giosuè Carducci wrote: “Assisi is a very beautiful thing, a town, a city and a sanctuary”.

It is a town, because it is a true Umbrian village perched on top of a hill overlooking the valley, small and the same over the centuries.

It is a city because Assisi has played a very important role in the history of the world.

It is a sanctuary because St. Francesco left here to change, or to try to change the church.

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Horseback Riding in Assisi. We know Assisi

The first is to carefully plan the period of your Horseback Riding in Assisi, a World Heritage Site, because thanks to its hillside location it has a pleasant climate, with hot but not sultry summers and not excessively harsh winters.

The characteristic in winter are the temperatures perceived as a result of the cold north winds from Mount Subasio which can considerably lower the temperature.

It snows a few times a year thanks to its sheltered position, and it hardly ever falls in significant quantities while spring and autumn are rainy and rather warm.

Advising you what to visit in Assisi is not easy because there are so many interesting places and we recommend that you visit this page where you will find all the information and you can choose what you would like to see before or after your Horseback Riding in Assisi.

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Horseback Riding in Assisi. When to go

As there are many monuments that you could visit, the events in Assisi are also many and you could combine your Horseback Riding in Assisi in conjunction with the event you prefer and in the period of the year with the climate you like best.

In the first weekend after May 1st, Calendimaggio, the re-enactment of medieval life in a challenge between the two city factions of Parte de Sopra and Parte de Sotto.

On June 22, the Feast of the Vow that commemorates the expulsion of the Saracens from Assisi by Santa Chiara.

At the end of August the Palio di San Rufino, the historical re-enactment of the period in which Assisi was divided into third parties.

Horseback riding in Assisi Calendimaggio

A moment of Calendimaggio

In September, the Cavalcata di Satriano, which we will talk about later, in “Horseback Riding in Assisi. Where to go”

Also in September, the International Peace Festival and, every two years, the Perugia – Assisi Peace March.

On 3 and 4 October the Feast of San Francesco with liturgical ceremonies and civic events to celebrate the saint, patron saint of Italy.

In November, the Assisi Film Festival,

On the night of December 7th, the Festa della Venuta is celebrated by lighting large bonfires and, on the day of Pentecost, the Palio di Pasqua Rosata, the historical re-enactment of the traditional palio held on the day of Pentecost.

The Festa della Venuta

Horseback Riding in Assisi. What you might need.

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Horseback Riding in Assisi. Where to go

The most beautiful and famous horseback ride is the Umbrian stretch of the Assisi – Loreto horse trail, a route of about 33 kilometers that partly coincides with the route of the traditional ‘Cavalcade of Satriano’.

The event was created in 1923, the year in which the mayor Arnaldo Fortini set up, together with other important colleagues such as Gabriele D’Annunzio and Guglielmo Marconi, the “Company of the Knights of Satriano” to commemorate the last days of the life of St. Francis.

Horseback riding in Assisi Cavalcata di Satriano

The Cavalcade of Satriano

In the first weekend of September, the historical re-enactment takes place at the turn of the last journey of the Saint of the poor who, now dying, was led back to die in his hometown.

In the Cavalcade of Satriano, lasting two days, the Knights of Satriano depart from Assisi, reach Satriano, a village in the municipality of Nocera Umbra, and return to the seraphic city, touching all the places of Francesco’s last earthly journey: Pian della Parish church, Costa di Trex, Armenzano, the Romita di Nocera Umbra, Villa Postignano, San Leonardo, Montarelle.

For updated information on this itinerary, we recommend that you visit the FISE site of the Umbria region where you can find equestrian centers that will be able to give you all the information you may need.

However, if you are looking for shorter and less demanding walks, always on the FISE site of the Umbria region you will find equestrian centers that will be able to recommend the perfect horse ride for you and if you will travel with your horse read our advice on this page. Thanks.

Horseback riding in Camargue drive

Horse riding in Assisi. Where to sleep

As we always do, we recommend three hotels but the offer you will find in Assisi will certainly meet your needs.
The Nus Assisi Relais & Spa Museum in via Eremo delle Carceri 1 in Assisi, or the Hotel Cenacolo in viale Patrono d’Italia 70 in Santa Maria degli Angeli and, finally, Valle di Assisi Hotel & Spa in via Bernardino da Siena 116 always in Santa Maria degli Angeli.

Horseback riding in Assisi Nus Hotel

The Nus Assisi Relais & Spa Museum

And after your Horseback Riding in Assisi…

… then we recommend horseback riding by the sea, in the Cinque Terre, to discover one of the most fascinating places in Italy.

Horseback Riding in The Cinque Terre

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