Horseback Riding along the Brenta Riviera

Horseback riding along the Brenta Riviera

Horseback Riding along the Brenta Riviera

The Brenta Riviera, a river of history, culture, art, landscape and elegance.

Horseback Riding along the Brenta Riviera

The Brenta is the natural extension of the Grand Canal of the magnificent Venice and crosses a territory where you will live between history, culture, art, landscape and elegance.

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The horseback riding has the same rhythm as the current of the Brenta river and allows you to discover landscapes and views that amazed even Goldoni and Casanova, Byron, Goethe and D’Annunzio.

Along the Brenta you can admire magnificent villas designed and frescoed by the greatest masters of Italian art, commissioned by the Venetian Nobility to live them as country residences in which to celebrate processions on the water, sumptuous dinners and parties that ended at dawn and, later on , our suggestions on the villas to visit.

Horseback Riding Along the Brenta Riviera

At the time, the Venetian nobility sailed using a boat called Burchiello pulled from the banks by men, oxen or horses while the goods were transported by boats called Burci.

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Horseback Riding along the Brenta Riviera. Where to go

We do not want to recommend any horseback riding because we do not know you, we do not know if you are an expert or if you have recently started riding and, above all, we do not know where you will want to go.

You should visit the Fise Veneto website where, by selecting the provinces of Padua and Venice, you will surely find the equestrian center that will be happy to help you and, if you are traveling with your horse, read our advice on how to drive with your horse trailer.

Passeggiate a cavallo

Before the Horseback Riding along the Brenta Riviera.

Before, or after, your Horseback Riding along the Brenta Riviera, we recommend that you visit nearby Vicenza, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

Vicenza, to be discovered and experienced in every square, in every street, in every alley, is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy where the architecture of historic buildings, monuments and churches create a unique harmony that makes Vicenza a splendid city, included in the World Heritage List by Unesco in 1994, extended in 1996 also to 24 Palladian villas, some of which we will later visit, villas that arise in the countryside and in the smaller towns of Veneto.

The artistic history of Vicenza is closely linked to the creative genius of Andrea di Pietro della Gondola, known as…

… as Palladio, an architect admired throughout the world.

Founded between the 11th and 7th centuries BC, the history of Vicenza is linked to the Most Serene Republic of Venice, to which it was subject from 1404 until the end of the 18th century.

Here, in the sixteenth century, the great architect made his fame known to the whole world thanks to the artistic heritage he bequeathed to the Vicentines: the Palladian Basilica, the Chiericati palace and the Olympic Theater which are the highest expression of Palladian artistic genius.

Horseback Riding aking the Branta Riviera Basilica Vicenza

The Palladian Basilica

“It is not possible to describe the impression that the Basilica of Palladio makes …” said Goethe after having admired the most famous monument of the city, overlooking Piazza dei Signori and rebuilt in 1614, according to Palladian style.

A curiosity: in the church of Santa Corona there is the tomb of Luigi Da Porto, author of the novel Juliet and Romeo from which Shakespeare drew inspiration for his famous drama.

Horseback Riding along the Brenta Riviera: the villas to visit

After this brief visit to Vicenza we visit some of Palladio’s most famous villas, starting with Villa Foscari, in Mira, known as the Malcontenta, built by Andrea Palladio in 1554 for the two Foscari brothers, Alvise and Nicolò, descendants of Doge Francesco Foscari.

This large villa, on the edge of the Riviera del Brenta, is a presentation to the inhabitants of Venice by the great architect from Vicenza, who had never built anything in the capital of the Serenissima Republic.

Horseback Riding Along the Brenta Riviera Malcontenta Esterno

The Malcontenta

Palladio designs a perfect architecture in which he merges his theory with his extraordinary compositional experience by designing a building with a central plan, on three floors, which in the front has the forms of a hexastyle temple of the Ionic order.

The main floor of the villa is decorated with a grandiose cycle of frescoes by Gian Battista Zelotti with themes drawn mainly from Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

After more than a century of neglect, the restoration of the villa began in 1925 with Albert Clinton Landsberg, then owner, and later with Lord Claud Phillimore and a major restoration of the exterior and interior was carried out by the current owners, descendants of the ancient patrons of Palladio.

Horseback Riding along the Brenta Riviera Malcontenta Inteno

The interior of the Malcontenta

We continue our Horseback Riding along the Brenta Riviera and, leaving the Malcontenta, we go to visit another magnificent Palladio villa: Villa Almerico Capra, known as “la Rotonda”

The villa was designed by Andrea Palladio for the bishop Paolo Almerico around 1570 but, unfortunately, the designer and the bishop never had the pleasure of seeing the finished villa which was completed under the supervision of the architect Vincenzo Scamozzi, for the noble Goat family.

Horseback Riding along the Brenta Riviera Rotonda Esterno

La Rotonda

The Rotonda has arcades of equal size on all four sides and the central hall of the square, symmetrical plan is covered by a dome, one of the earliest examples of a dome used in Western residential architecture.

Horseback Riding Along the Brenta Riviera Rotonda Interno

Interior of the Rotonda

La Rotonda today is a private house, owned by the Valmarana family, who opened the villa to the public in 1986 and was registered in 1994 as a Unesco World Heritage Site under the banner of the “City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of Veneto”.

We can continue to talk about Horseback Riding along the Brenta Riviera and the Palladian Villas such as Villa Godi Malinverni, Loggia Salvi, Villa Trissino, Villa Gazzotti Grimani, Villa Pisani … we leave the choice to you and we are sure that, among the many villas, you will choose the ones that fascinate you the most.

Horseback Riding along the Brenta Riviera Villa Pisani

Villa Pisani

Horseback Riding along the Brenta Riviera: where to sleep

As is our custom, we recommend two hotels along your Horseback Riding along the Brenta Riviera and one near Padua, but the hotel offer is very wide and you will certainly find the optimal accommodation for you and the people accompanying you.

Here are our proposals: Villa Franceschi Hotel & Resort in Mira, the Romantik Hotel Villa Margherita also in Mira or , if you are also looking for a wellness center, the Savoia Thermae & SPA Hotel in Abano Terme, not far from Padua.

Hotel Villa Franceschi

Hotel Villa Franceschi

After Horseback Riding along the Brenta Riviera …

After Horseback Riding along the Brenta Riviera we recommend horseback riding in the Argentario: Monte Argentario is now a promontory in the Tyrrhenian Sea but was born as an island and the action of the Albegna river and the … continue reading here. Thank you.

Horseback riding on the Argentario

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