Friesian horse

Friesian horse

Friesian horse

One of the oldest horse breeds

Also known as Hard-draver (strong trotter), the Friesian Horse is one of the oldest horse breeds in Europe and some finds suggest that the progenitors of this breed were even from prehistoric times.

Originally from the Friesian Islands (Holland), it is famous for its characteristic morello coat and its thick, often wavy horsehair.

Friesian horse 10

Breed selection of the Friesian horse…

The selection of the breed was made by crossing the most powerful and heavier subjects with the Andalusian and Arabian horses and was the protagonist in the formation of all the racing trotting races, also through the Hackney that derives from it.

In the Friesian horse three lines are distinguished: “Baroque”, more robust, “Classic”, imposing but slender, and “Modern”, lighter.

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In the Middle Ages the Friesian horse…

In the Middle Ages the Friesian horse breed was also used as a war horse and, like many breeds, it experienced a period of decline until it almost completely died out at the beginning of the twentieth century to be recreated after the First World War thanks to some stallions Oldenburg and the very few horses left, obtaining the current horse, robust and tireless, excellent for the field saddle, for light shooting and, in the most crossed and modern form, it is an excellent high school horse.

Friesian horse and carriage

Since 1980 the Friesian horse…

Since 1980, the breeding of the Friesian horse has been primarily aimed at improving the gallop, the weak point of the breed, and at developing the potential in dressage.

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After the Friesian horse…

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