Fashion and Horses

Fashion and Horses

Fashion and Horses

Fashion and Horses. What is more beautiful, more refined, more elegant, more exclusive, more innovative, more inviting?

The beauty, the exclusivity, the uniqueness of Italian fashion combined with the timeless elegance of the horse.

A one-of-a-kind event, fashion and horses.

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Fashion and Horses: an event with a new flavor that combines fashion with horses for the first time, a beautiful and exciting experience for us, for riders, for models and for fashion schools.

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Beauty and class together, elegance and spectacle are staged for people who love beauty, elegance and, of course, fashion.

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In Fashion and Horses we have involved the best fashion schools throughout Italy to encourage and promote the work of students towards the public participating in these events, towards the mass media and towards professionals with results, up to now rather encouraging.

Talking about fashion, even if it is combined with that wonderful animal that is the horse (but we do not like to call it an animal) without resorting to the usual phrases that are heard at every fashion show seems inappropriate.

Fashion and horses

Let’s let the images speak and the success that Fashion and Horses has achieved.

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For us it was very exciting to work in a beautiful and refined environment like Italian fashion and to have given the best fashion schools the opportunity to make themselves known in this very difficult world and we hope to have contributed to their success and the success of their students.

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