English Thoroughbred Horse

The English Thorougbred Horse told by Club Cavallo Italia.

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The English Thorougbred Horse is…

English Thoroughbred Horse is a very beautiful breed originating in Great Britain and this name means purebred and we have dedicated a watch to this magnificent breed, our Thoroughbred Watch.

The breed of the English Thoroughbred Horse was…

The breed of the English Thoroughbred Horse was born thanks to the great passion of the English for horse racing, a passion born several centuries before the selection of a racehorse specially created for gallop competitions began.

English Thoroughbred Old Gallop

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The English Thoroughbred Horse. The Origins

The origins of the breed of the English Thoroughbred Horse date back to 1700, from the crossing of mares of native race with three stallions of Arab origin: Darley Arabian, a dark bay with Arab origins, Byerley Turk, a bay of Arabian origin but of Turkish origins the dark bay Godolphin Arabian, also known as Godolphin Barb for its Berber origins.

Arabian horse and foal

These stallions were coupled to over 100 local mares, the so-called foundation mares, chosen for their suitable conformation and for their speed.

The English Thorougbred Horse. From the three founders…

From the three founders of the race descend as many founders and precisely by Byerley Turk, through four generations, you get to Herod, from DarLey Arabian, through four generations, you get to Eclipse, by far the most important stallion, and from Godolphin Barb in second Matchem generation.

The stud book of the breed was established in 1791 in England and its update is always taken care of by the Weatherby family.

The English Thoroughbred Horse is the best known horse, probably the most bred in the world, the most used to improve saddle breeds and used all over the world for galloping races because of its great speed skills and it does not present particularly homogeneous morphological characters since the selection has always happened exclusively through the races and the finish line of a race is always an infallible judge to judge a horse.

English Thoroughbred The Race Start

However, if we want to identify general lines, we can say that certain physical types are more suited to attitudinal characteristics: the stayer, small and harvested on the bottom, the sprintee is taller and with heavily inquarted shapes, with great speed and intermediate with oblique rump, inclined shoulder and rather short back which makes it suitable for obstacle courses.

The English Thoroughbred Horse. The Races

The racing career of the English Thoroughbred Horse begins rather early: at 2 years and, for things level, continues up to 6-7 years, rarely beyond, while in obstacles his career continues until 13 or 14 years.

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English Thoroughbred

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