Driving with your horses trailer

Le più belle passeggiate a cavallo

Driving with your horses trailer

Read our driving with your horses trailer tips because transporting a living being is very different from transporting an object, especially when it is an animal with the size and strength of a horse, and the success of the transport is in the hands and experience of the personnel involved because the horse can be a danger to others too.

We know that the horse does not tolerate being transported, escapes are not so rare and an animal of the size of the horse fleeing on a busy road can constitute a danger of the highest level.

Finally, if we consider the average value of a horse transported, it becomes logical not to save in order to have a good transporter with experience and ability and, if you are the one driving the car, make sure you respect the laws in force and our tips.

Horseback riding in Camargue drive

Driving with your horses trailer

Wear comfortable clothes and adopt a slow and cautious driving because the horse inside the van is standing, without the possibility of seeing the road and on irons and this is enough to understand how the driving cannot be that of every day and it is necessary to proceed without sudden maneuvers and avoid sudden changes of forces.

Acceleration and braking must be slow and modular, approaching curves with the utmost caution and moderating speed, both to avoid serious risks and to avoid the dizzying noises of the wind and excessive turbulence in the van.

It happens very often that you think you have driven very smoothly but then you realize that the horse is very tired from the journey and this indicates that the gentleness in driving was not enough.

It has been shown that the same horse transported in the same conditions by different drivers has had significantly different heart rates due to the different driving characteristics of the driver, more or less aggressive, which stress the horse in different ways.

This is because often the driver of a trailer is not a professional driver and is, in most cases, the owner of the horse himself, accustomed to driving every day, without perceiving the effects of each maneuver on the horse being transported.

Driving with your horses trailer

Driving with your horses trailer. Take a test

A fun test to understand what the horse feels is to have the driver sit in the van and drive, obviously in an area closed to traffic, braking, cornering and accelerating.

It will probably stick in his mind how difficult it is to balance in the trailer and it could affect his driving style.

We have come to the end of our driving with your horses trailer  tips and if you think our tips are interesting and useful, send the link of the page to those who can use them.

We will be truly happy.

Driving with your horses trailer


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