Dressage told by Club Cavallo Italia

Dressage it means training, and this discipline represents the highest level of it.
The horse and its driver must listen to each other and cooperate.

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Dressage in Italy…

Dressage in Italy was born in the Italian Renaissance, when the most noble families and houses attended the Cavalry Schools because knowing how to ride and, above all, knowing how to train a horse to perfection was a real art like dance, music and fencing.

Dressage Schools of Cavalry

Schools of Cavalry

The Purpose of Dressage…

…the purpose of Dressage, an extremely difficult discipline even if the lightness, the apparent ease and the elegance of the movements would lead to say the opposite, is to show, through various levels of difficulty in the execution of the exercises, the degree of training reached by the horse through the harmonious development of its movements, its impulse, its confident submission to the almost imperceptible orders of the rider.

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Dressage. The Must Rider…

The rider must become one with the horse in this graceful discipline, where maximum concentration, great patience and total trust must dominate the combination.

A competition (in the jargon ‘Resumption’) lasts about 7 minutes and includes about 36 movements to be performed according to a logical succession in front of a jury (from three to five members, depending on the type of competition).

Dressage. The binomial is…

The binomial is asked to make figures in a 20×60 or 20×40 rectangle, in which letters known and the same all over the world are arranged as a reference (from the clockwise entry: A-K-V-E-S-H-C-M-R-B-P-F); other letters (D-L-X-I-G) are arranged inside along the center line.

The figures take place at the three gaits, step, trot and gallop, in the variants of gathered, medium and lengthened.

Among the most spectacular figures there are the Cambi di Galloppo in Aria, the Pirouette, where the horse makes a complete turn on itself with the forelegs turning on the hindquarters, the Gallop gathered and collected, the Passage, a very rhythmic trot, and the Piaffé, the trot on the spot.

Dressage 7

Dressage. There is a very…

There is a very popular variant, the Freestyle, also known as KUR, where the rider performs a reprise created by him that contains the obligatory movements of the category, accompanied by a music chosen by him and the rhythm of the music must follow the movements of the horse in the various gaits.

In the KUR the calculation of risk is judged: the rider decides whether to carry out an easy or complex catch, with the awareness that a difficult path performed discreetly is worth more than an easy one performed well.

Dressage 4

Dressage. Germany dominates…

Germany dominates the highest levels of dressage and not all horses lend themselves to this discipline: special breeds have been built, such as the Dutch, the Belgian and many German breeds, which give their best at the age of 14, contrary to show jumping , where young subjects are preferred, around 6 years old.

Dressage Cavallo Olandese

A Dutch horse

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Dressage 2

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