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Club Horse Shop was born because we thought that those who love horses, as we love them, want to find a place, a site where everything is dedicated to horses and their elegance, but let’s go in order.

Before talking to you about Club Horse Shop we want you to know our history, which begins in 2002 with the creation of the Memorial Ribot event, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of Ribot, one of the greatest, perhaps the largest Italian thoroughbred horse, with initiatives in the racecourses of Milan and Rome.

The Great Horses

The Great Ribot

This important event made us enter the magical and fascinating world of horses and, with our Club Cavallo Italia brand, we have created other very important successful events such as Fashion and Horses, the Italian Championship of gallop Le Classiche Italiane, open farms and others.

Club Horse Shop Le Classiche Italiane

A race of Le Classiche Italiane

In 2007, unfortunately, our story is interrupted for personal reasons that we do not want to tell but now it continues with even more enthusiasm by adding the Club Horse Shop brand to the Club Cavallo Italia brand, an international brand, created to welcome people from all over the world who love the horse.

Club Horse Shop is the world of those who love horses, the world that did not exist before, the elegant world reserved for people who have a particular sensitivity for all that is beauty, class, charm, elegance and… sympathy, like horses.

Club Horse Shop is the world where you live the emotions that only the horse possesses and transmits when it is the protagonist in the arts, in sport, in photography, in films, in drawings, in books …

Club Horse Shop is…

Club Horse Shop is not only this but it is also a shop with the best of Made in Italy handmade and dedicated to horses, such as bags, objects for your home and to create your style.

Visit our shop and you will be able to see our Bags Collections handmade by the Italian hands of our leather masters with the best Italian leather.
Important: the craftsmanship of each bag in our collection can lead to slight variations in the color of the bag you will receive compared to the color you saw in our shop.

This is not a defect but it is proof that each bag has been handmade, just for you because each bag is something unique and unrepeatable, characteristic of high quality craftsmanship and when it is at your home … smell it and you will understand the difference between our bags and others.

Horseback riding in the Amalfi Coast

For your home choose one of our Murano Glass Horses, Made in Italy excellence in the most elegant animal (but we don’t like to call it animal).

You will see horses from opaque black to transparent glass, from the horse all in gold to the horse in silver and gold, red, with or without bubbles and in Avventurina, a precious glass paste, a quartz that reflects the light, a particular type of glass invented in 17th century.

They are small splinters randomly distributed in the glass (to adventure) that give splendid luminous and unique reflections and transform the horse into a unique and extraordinary work of art

Club Horse Shop Avventurina

The Horse in Avventurina

We can create for you a precious majolica plate, as precious as your horse, with the image and name of your horse or for a gift to a loved one, a gift that, we assure you, will never make you forget.

Since it is a manual product of High Handicraft, in the dish you will be able to see slight differences in the surface and in the colors: these are not imperfections but are the intrinsic characteristics of the handcrafted majolica that emerge after cooking.
On the back the confirmation that it is original Made in Italy and, if you want, a dedication.

La Giornata Nazionale del cavallo

For your style, take a look at our Clothing Collection, the only one not Made in Italy at the moment, and our collection of handmade Italian jewelry.

Wear them and you will let everyone know that you are part of a special world: the world of people who love horses and their elegance.

Felpa Ecologica con Cappuccio La Giornata Nazionale del Cavallo

And don’t forget that all the products you have seen in our shop will be in your home in total safety, you will not have to pay shipping costs and you will have the Premium Services reserved for our customers (clothing excluded).

Club Horse Shop Premium Services


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Thanks again and see you soon, your visit is always very welcome. We are waiting for you.