Club Horse Clothing Collection

Clothing Collection

Club Horse Clothing Collection

We created Club Horse Clothing Collection because we have received so many requests from friends who would like a Club Horse branded clothing line that is now missing.

This it honors us and makes us happy but it is a project that takes quite a long time and we never want to make our friends wait.

On this page, if you want, you can read our story. Enjoy the reading.

Club Horse Clothing

This began the “Club Horse Clothing Collection” project and, in order to have the collection in a short time, we commissioned a very important, prestigious company of which we know the correctness and quality of the products, to create our collection, the collection for those who love horses.

Club Horse Clothing Collection is a collection for women and men who belong to a special world, the world of people who love horses.

Ladies Long Sleeve Tee Club Horse

For now there are few but selected items to always offer you the best, even if they are not Made in Italy, like all our other collections.

It is not specific clothing for horseback riding but they are also excellent items for horseback riding, clothing with the Club Horse brand, our brand that will distinguish you from all the others.

In the Club Horse Clothing Collection you will not find helmets, boots, specific riding pants or other: for these there are specialized companies and it is not our goal to do this.

It is important that you know immediately that the clothing items in this Club Horse Clothing Collection are not Made in Italy, as will be the collection we are preparing, but we are sure that whoever buys them will be satisfied.

Wear them and you will let everyone know that you are part of a special world, the world of those who love horses and their elegance and charm.

You can discover the whole collection on this page and we have anticipated some models on the page you are reading.

Club Horse Collection Unisex Pullover Hoodie

Thank you and now…

… and now we invite you to take a look at our Bags Collection, Made in Italy, dedicated to horses and handmade by Italian hands and to our Murano Glass Horses, naturally handmade in precious Murano glass by skilled masters Murano glassmakers, who with their long tradition enhance the ancient and spectacular workmanship of the precious and unique Murano glass, creating small but great works of art.

The excellence of Made in Italy in the most elegant animal (but, you know, we don’t like to call it an animal).

Murano Glass Horses


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