1st Italian Gallop Championship

Italian Gallop Championship

1st Italian Gallop Championship “Le Classiche Italiane”

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1st Italian Gallop Championship

Le Classiche Italiane: the 1st Italian Gallop Championship with the best thoroughbreds in Europe, the most famous jockeys, breeders and coaches at the top of the international scene.

The 1st Italian Gallop Championship unites under its brand the most important race of the best racecourses in Italy, historic, prestigious, fascinating and famous locations.

Unique occasions where a classy, ​​elegant, passionate and competent public participates

Italian Gallop Championship logo
1st Italian Gallop Championship
1st Italian Gallop Championship

Presentation press conference in Rome

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Every day of 1st Italian Gallop Championship races is preceded by a breakfast, or gala dinner if the race is at night, to which the owners of registered horses are invited and, of course, breeders, coaches, professionals, journalists, entrepreneurs … accompanied by their ladies.

Subsequently the guests reach the areas with access reserved for them, where they spend the whole afternoon or evening, in a succession of unique and elegant moments.

1st Italian Gallop Championship
1st Italian Gallop Championship

The Weight Building

It is a definition that recalls the great traditions of Italian horse racing because the jockeys, equipped with their saddles, undergo weight checks before each race.

In reality the building is the place where the owners and guests spend the afternoon or the evening of races, being able to quietly watch each race from a privileged point of view.

1st Italian Gallop Championship

The weight for the jockeys

1st Italian Gallop Championship – The saddling

After the operation of the weight the coaches withdraw the saddle and go to the reserved area, defined of saddling, where they complete the preparation of the horses, putting the saddle pad and the saddle.

1st Italian Gallop Championship

The presentation area

1st Italian Gallop Championship – The presentation

Saddled horses, called by the speaker, are led to the presentation area, around which is the audience that can check the horses ‘shape to choose the horse to bet on and the craftsmen (trainers’ assistants) accompany the horses for a few turns in the rod under the eyes of the public.

1st Italian Gallop Championship – Jockeys in the saddle

At this point, following the call by the Clerk of the Course. the jockeys mount in the saddle and head towards the starting cages.

Italian Gallop Championship Milano

1st Italian Gallop Championship – The start

The jockeys reach the starting cages where hippodrome operators help to arrange each horse in its own cage, according to a precise fence order.

As soon as all the horses are in the cages, the Race Director starts the race.

1st Italian Gallop Championship

1st Italian Gallop Championship – The race

The horses, released with a great shot from the starting cages, run along the track and, in less than two minutes, cross the finish line.

In this short time all the attention is paid to running, and the cheer and passion grows as the finish line approaches.

1st Italian Gallop Championship

Arrival and awards

The winning horses are addressed to the prize-giving area, where the owner, the jockey, the breeder and the coach of the winning horse are rewarded in front of photographers, televisions, journalists and the public.

1st Italian Gallop Championship

The winner of a race of the Italian Gallop Championship

The award ceremony of the 1st Italian Gallop Championship

At the end of the 1st Italian Gallop Chiampionship, the jockeys, stables, breeders and coaches who had the highest score in all the races of the championship were awarded.

1st Italian Gallop Championship
1st Italian Gallop Championship

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