Club Cavallo Italia is the Club that did not exist,  the Club of those who love horses, the Club where you feel the emotions that only the horse transmits.

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We have seen that on some sites clothing and other products with the Club Cavallo Italia brands are on sale these are sites that our lawyers cannot contact
because they use fake addresses and sell counterfeit products that have nothing to do with us, are imitations and are dangerou

Club Horse

On our site you will find everything about that wonderful animal that is the horse (but we don’t like to call it animal) but not current news.
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And you will find the best of Made in Italy dedicated to horses and their elegance with our Club Cavallo Italia brand.
Jewelery, leather goods, watches, Murano glass horses, clothing… and the Premium Services reserved for our Customers.

Club Cavallo Italia
Felpa Organica Unisex

Collection of Bags

Made in Italy, created by the expert hands of our master leather craftsmenwith the best Italian leather.

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31 film sui cavalli

Clothing Collection

Wear it and everyone will know that you are part of the wonderful world of who love horses. Enjoy your visit.

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Club Cavallo Italia Watch and jewels

Watches and Jewellery

Hand-painted horses on precious Vietri ceramics and our watch dedicated to the thoroughbred horse.

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Great Men and great horses

Great Men and Great Horses

Here we want to honor the men and horses who have made history, from past centuries to the present day.

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The most beautiful horse breeds

The Most Beautiful Breeds

We present the breeds of horses which, in our opinion, are the most beautiful in the world. Enjoy your visit.

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Horsebak Riding in the most beautilful place of the world

Horseback Riding in…

Horseback riding in the most beautiful places, full of charm, history, to discover breathtaking views, centuries-old traditions and much more.

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Club cavallo Italia Our Events

Our Events

Our events to celebrate the horse and its elegance. Enjoy the reading.

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Cavallo Italia The Great Italian Horses

The Great Italian Horses

The Horses that have made the Italian Horse Racing Great and Unique.

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Coming Soon

More horse news coming soon.
See you soon.

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Equestrian Sports

Equestrian Sports

You will read about equestrian sports such as Horse Riding, Dressage, Polo, Trekking, Carriage, Endurance …

Wonderful sports to practice with your horse.

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Our Advices

Our Advices

Our advice on the beautiful and elegant world of horses that we offer with the advice of highly experienced professionals for those who do not know horses but also for those who want to enrich their knowledge.

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About the horse

The horse that you and we love is an extraordinary animal (but we don’t like to call it an animal) and in this section you can read news, curiosities and more about horses. Enjoy the reading.

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Club Cavallo Italia is the best of Made in Italy, handmade by Italian hands (excluding watches and, for now, clothing) and, of course, dedicated to horses and their elegance.
Objects sought, designed and created for those who love that splendid animal that is the horse (but we don’t like to call it an animal)
Have a nice visit and for any questions do not hesitate to write to us: We always respond.

Discover the Club Cavallo Italia collections dedicated to horses.
Each object is Made in Italy (watches and, for now, clothing excluded), handmade by Italian hands for you.
Choose your bag, items for your home and your lifestyle.
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For Your Travels

Our Bags Collections, Made in Italy, handmade by the Italian hands of our leather masters with the best Italian leather and dedicated to the most elegant animal: the horse.

Each bag is something unique and unrepeatable, the characteristic of high quality craftsmanship.

Murano Glass Horses

For Your Home

For your home take a look at our horses in Murano glass, Made in Italy excellence in the most elegant animal.

Or have your horse painted, or the horse of a loved one, in a precious majolica plate to always have your beloved horse in front of your eyes or for a gift that will not make you forget.

Paint Horse

For Your Lifestyle

Here you will find our Clothing Collection and our Jewelry Collection, all handmade by Italian hands, all Made in Italy (excluding the clothing collection) and all dedicated to horses.
Wear them and you will let people know that you are part of a special world.

The world of those who love horses.

By purchasing a product in our online shop (only clothing is excluded, for now)
you will also have Premium Services reserved for our best customers,
a series of exclusive services that we are happy to offer you.
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